Research and development of cannabis processes and products

Widlab is a research and development company specializing in the development of cannabis processes and products. It brings together people with knowledge and experience in the field of cannabis cultivation and processing. We are establishing our own capacities to expand the circle of cooperation with companies in the entire supply chain of this fast-growing industry.

A young company in a market with great potential

The market for cannabis products is growing rapidly. Widlab is a research-oriented company that researches new processes in this market and effectively develops new products through them.

Focusing on the development of natural products that do not contain artificial additives is part of our philosophy. The vision is to find the right combinations of suitable ingredients and, through precisely measured proportions, to develop products that bring specific, beneficial effects to the human body.

We market our own products under our trademark Hempethica.

Are you interested to develop your product with us?

Development shapes the future and decides existence

Widlab is setting up its own research and development laboratory, in which we want to acquire competent researchers with experience in researching cannabis and its ingredients.

We develop cannabis processing procedures for our own needs as well as for external clients, we develop finished products from hemp and other medicinal plants, procedures and recipes for natural and personalized cosmetics, and we also participate in the development of equipment needed for processes in the cosmetics and food industries.

Cooperation - the key to success

Widlab wants to be involved in the entire cannabis processing chain. That is why we connect and cooperate with more and more companies and organizations. Join us!

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