Research & Development

At Widlab, we are comprehensively research-oriented in the field of cannabis. We study the steps from production to end products, with a focus on quality end products that benefit end users.

Research and Development of Cannabis processes and Products

Cannabis cultivation or where it all begins
We ourselves have only small production areas, which serves us primarily for the purpose of research and optimization of the selected range of cannabis species for various purposes. We work more extensively with larger, established growers and thus advise them and also offer them our processing facilities.

Hemp processing
Cannabis can be processed by several processes, up to different stages. As the first extraction step, CO2 and the alcohol extraction method are the most developed and adopted. This phase is followed by a purification phase and then isolation of the final product in the form of hemp resin, distillate or isolate. These are also the main ingredients for making the finished products.

Development and formulation of finished products
Among the finished cannabis products, there is currently the greatest interest in CBD drops with different types of effects on well-being and in relieving ailments. Cannabis cannabinoids are just one of the active ingredients of cannabis, and more and more attention is being paid to terpenes and flavonoids, which are the other two very important groups of ingredients that cannabis contains.

We are also focused on the development of cosmetic products, especially natural cosmetics and personalized cosmetics. We strive to ensure that the products we develop for ourselves and our customers are natural and in accordance with the requirements of certified eco cosmetics.

Development of emulsions for the food industry
The development of emulsions for the food industry is becoming more and more interesting, but at the same time demanding. We also place the so-called "water-soluble" or "micellar water" products in this category.

With our many years of experience, we can advise you in the development of products and appliances according to your wishes, with an emphasis on the food and cosmetics industries.

Cannabinoids found in cannabis

Terpenes found in cannabis

Flavonoids found in cannabis